Tiffany Greenwood was the victim of a hit-and-run crime. She had been coming home from tutoring and a man running for mayor, Jacobs, hit her, killing her immediately. Jacobs then retreived her baggage and returned the car, which was her ex-boyfriend's, to the parking garage. His motive was revenge on Tiffany. Tiffany had confiscated his laptop when she discovered he had been doing inappropriate things in front of the nanny cam. She obtained it when babysitting their son, and left. Jacobs drove by her and told her to think about what she was doing. She stated she would have to turn it in to the police. Later they met at a restaraunt and Jacobs grabbed her arm and told her not to do anything about it. Tiffany replied saying she would scream if he didn't release her. Jacobs wanted to ensure that she wouldn't turn the laptop and flashdrive into the cops, so he used her ex-boyfriend's car to kill her.